Cassie Copperfield

Cassie Copperfield

Executive Director

She may call Southern California home these days, but Executive Director Cassie Copperfield is originally from the picturesque English town of Devon, where her parents still live in the 500-year-old thatched cottage she grew up in. For more than a decade she has worked hard gaining experience in nearly every aspect of treatment center operations, from admissions and human resources to accounting, billing, and actively overseeing the accreditation and licensing process for both new and existing facilities.

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Copperfield got her start in this field with a job that she thought was just a way to pay the bills during college, but it soon turned into a passion that led to leadership roles and her current executive director position. With a father and husband both in recovery, she knows the transformational power of treatment and it’s personal to her. Today, she leads the Broad Beach team with a creative eye for detail and process to ensure they continue to provide top-notch customized care as the program continues to expand and grow. One of her favorite parts of the job is the daily opportunity it provides to see more, learn more, grow more, and find creative ways to point others in that direction, too. Of course, the view isn’t bad either!

Married to a civil engineer, Copperfield and her husband share two young daughters, although she often refers to Broad Beach as her third baby. Her children are her world, she says, “and the best teachers I’ve ever had.” What limited free time this busy mom has is spent camping, fishing, in the pool or ocean, or with friends who have kids the same age.

Rick Campa

Rick Campa, MD

Medical Director

A Southern California native, Dr. Rick Campa did his undergraduate work in Los Angeles before heading to Pennsylvania for medical training. There he studied at Temple University and then completed a family medicine residency at The Reading Hospital and Medical Center in Reading, Pennsylvania. Board-certified in family medicine, Dr. Campa is a licensed physician in the state of California and has worked in addiction medicine since 2014.

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Having grown up in Malibu, he saw a sudden need for physicians to safely guide patients through the world of behavioral and addiction medicine. That’s how Dr. Campa found himself in the trenches of the opioid epidemic. He has broad experience medically supervising patients through the discontinuation of multiple substances including, but not limited to, all opiate classes, benzodiazepines/barbiturates, and GHB as well as other sedatives, alcohol, and stimulants. Dr. Campa’s responsibilities at Broad Beach include diagnosing and managing primary substance and behavioral issues as well as identifying the reason a patient is self-medicating. It’s work he loves because he says he is “constantly challenged, humbled, and thankful to be able to serve people through difficult times in their lives while learning more about myself.”

When not working, Dr. Campa enjoys the occasional concert, is a movie buff, legend hearthstone player, self-described “computer nerd,” and fantasy football manager.

Kylie Kolb

Kylie Kolb, LMFT, CSAT candidate

Clinical Director

Born in St. Petersburg, Florida and raised in Rochester, New York, Kylie Kolb completed her undergraduate studies at University at Albany-State University of New York before pursuing a master’s in clinical psychology at Antioch University in Los Angeles. She began her career in sales and marketing, but in 2014 she left the business world behind. Inspired by her own recovery journey, some soul-searching and guidance from her therapist led Kolb to make a change.

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Today, this talented clinical director is a licensed marriage and family therapist and a certified sex addiction therapist candidate. In her current role, she oversees patient treatment programs while directing and guiding integral team members. She loves being part of the healing process and helping others. In fact, it’s her belief in the power of hope in healing that makes her so dedicated to the field.

In addition to her significant other, Kolb has a very special little black therapy dog that comes with her to work, much to the delight of patients. When not working, she can be found exercising, reading, connecting with loved ones, being out in nature, relaxing, and watching crime and documentary series on TV.

Cori Fredette, CADC1

Program Coordinator

A Southern California native, Program Coordinator Cori Fredette is a certified alcohol and drug counselor who has been working in the substance abuse and mental health fields since 2006. It was her own recovery process that led her to this line of work. She started classes at Oxnard College in their addiction studies program when she was six months sober and loved it. Her first job in treatment confirmed to Fredette that this was where she was always meant to be.

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While her job responsibilities at Broad Beach vary from day to day, they all relate to coordinating different aspects of the treatment program. Fortunately, Fredette loves doing a little of everything, although she admits that her favorite part is working with patients and their families. 

A single mom to an amazing young son named Butch, Fredette also enjoys spending time at the beach, hiking, and with loved ones.

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David Morrison, PsyD


Dr. David Morrison is a licensed psychologist in private practice in California and a member of the California Psychological Association. He has worked closely with dual-diagnosis treatment programs since 2005, providing evaluation and consultation services for Broad Beach Recovery Center. He has extensive experience with residential and outpatient programs serving adolescents and adults and their families. He has also worked closely with professional sports leagues and their mental health and substance abuse programs. Through it all, he always makes it a point to treat all individuals in a manner he would want to see in a professional working with his own family members.

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Dr. Morrison says he enjoys and values the multidisciplinary team approach at Broad Beach, adding, “I have had the privilege and honor of working with highly skilled professionals that go above and beyond the call of duty. Broad Beach has a strong team of dedicated professionals that I feel privileged and honored to work with.”

Married with three young adult daughters, Dr. Morrison enjoys spending time with his family and friends surfing, camping, cooking, walking his dogs, and playing cornhole.

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Mya Y. Little, PsyD

Clinical Therapist

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Mya Y. Little earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Edinboro University, a master’s in social work from Temple University, and a doctorate in psychology from Phillips Graduate University in Chatsworth, California. Dr. Little is a highly accomplished professional with diverse experience ranging from nonprofits to behavioral health and addiction treatment.

She has a passion for helping people, and says she enjoys interacting with patients and seeing their progress throughout the treatment process. A single mom of two sons, Dr. Little also enjoys running, reading, hiking, and watching movies.

Maggie Kish, RN

Nurse Manager

Originally from Summit, New Jersey, Maggie Kish earned her nursing degree from Santa Monica College. She is now a registered nurse with more than two decades of experience in primary care facilities ranging from behavioral health and addiction treatment to chemical dependency, operating rooms, and wound care. Kish has maintained high levels of patient care throughout her career, gaining experience in the treatment of bipolar disorder, ADHD, depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric disorders. She eventually transitioned from operating room work to the field of behavioral health in order to do more patient care.

Kish’s current role includes overseeing nursing care and medication management, but she most enjoys working closely with physicians, therapists, and the entire clinical staff to provide the highest quality care for her patients. She is married and spends much of her free time reading.

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Scott Weinstein, LVN, RADT-1


Scott Weinstein hails from Brooklyn New York and studied at Full Sail University and the Career Development Institute of Los Angeles. A 20-year music industry veteran (he worked as a studio engineer on a Bruce Springsteen song that won a Grammy) and experienced computer programmer, he made the transition to nursing in 2015. But his previous career choices continue to impact his work. “Substance abuse is rampant in the music biz,” he explains, “and you couldn’t really be in that business without having it affect you directly and indirectly.”

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Weinstein is excited about being able to use his past experiences to help people facing some of the exact same issues. His mother and grandmother were both nurses, so he’s always been drawn to the field. In his work at Broad Beach, he appreciates that he gets to know patients over a period of time and can watch as they overcome obstacles in their lives and become more self-aware and more of who they want to be.

He’s done extensive travel abroad while in the music industry and now enjoys being able to just be a tourist and really experience what other lands have to offer — but it’s always great to come back home. Weinstein cares for his elderly mother and has seven rescue dogs that make up what he calls “the most amazing clan.”  

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Stephen Danielson-Ohiri, LVN


Stephen Danielson-Ohiri hails from Lagos, Nigeria. It was in his home country that he earned a BS in medical lab sciences from the University of Calibar. He then studied at Valley College of Medical Careers in California to obtain his LVN. As a licensed vocational nurse, Danielson-Ohiri has pursued a psych/dual diagnosis focus, gaining experience in that arena at a variety of treatment programs in Southern California. A well-rounded professional, he also holds multiple certifications including in Management of Assaultive Behavior and from the Crisis Prevention Institute.

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In his current role at Broad Beach, Danielson-Ohiri is responsible for medication administration, detox monitoring, and documenting doctors’ orders as well as coordinating prescription refills, but his favorite part of the job is interacting with patients and learning about their experiences.  This happily married father of three also enjoys watching sports, particularly basketball and soccer.

“What I love about working at Broad Beach is there is mutual respect and lovingkindness amongst all staff. WE treat one another like family and share a common goal of getting our clients the help they deserve.”


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Alexandra Tappan, AMFT


Born and raised in Northern California, Alexandra Tappan earned a business administration degree from Cal State Long Beach and a master’s in clinical psychology from Antioch University. Coming from a business and advertising background, she re-aligned her trajectory and passion toward supporting growth in others, saying “this line of work chose me.”

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Tappan’s experience includes treating interpersonal hurdles, anxiety and mood disorders, personality disorders, developmental and sexual trauma, and recovery from substance use issues. She sees her role as holding space with compassion and curiosity. While supporting others to feel their truth and neutralize negativity, she is able to help them navigate “stuckness” and confusion, developing the tools to focus on what nurtures, expands, and evolves the individual.

“The privilege of walking alongside beautiful souls and witnessing their journey is never lost on me,” Tappan says. When not working, she enjoys burnt and buttery toast, midnight runs, kissing dogs, hugs, and nature, which are all forms of medicine in her book.


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Thomas Tophia

BHT/Case Manager

Los Angeles, CA

Thomas Tophia earned his undergraduate degree from University of Phoenix and is currently in a master’s program there studying counseling/marriage and family therapy. In this field since the mid-2000s, he’s served in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, working his way up from a tech to a counselor and higher positions as well.

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Tophia fell in love with the work and says it has become his passion. His current role includes helping to keep the structure in the facility with the residents, facilitating groups, providing case management geared toward aftercare, and modeling appropriate behaviors and attitudes for patients.

A father of a grown daughter and young son, Tophia enjoys reading, movies, and exercising during his downtime, and tries to always be authentic and meet people where they’re at.  


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Hannah Zimmerman

Behavioral Health Technician

Born and raised in Binghamton, New York, Hannah Zimmerman earned a BA in psychology from University of Puget Sound and is currently pursuing her LMFT at Pepperdine. Her experience includes hospital work in Washington state and a stint as a research assistant in the Cornell Psychology Department in Ithaca, New York.

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Zimmerman says she has always found human behavior and neuroscience really interesting, but she wanted to work with people on ways to find well-being, something that has been important in her own life. That’s what led her to study clinical psychology and to her current career path. Her role at Broad Beach has her working with residents on understanding their diagnosis and assisting in the development of new habits. That includes ensuring resident’s daily needs are met and supporting them through their processing of therapeutic work. She also works with clients on mindfulness activities and assists in performing neurofeedback.

When not working, Zimmerman enjoys yoga, hiking, Netflix, and time with friends, not necessarily in that order.


Kayla Lampson, RADC

Kayla Lampson

Behavioral Health Technician

Southern California born and raised, Kayla Lampson is a third-generation immigrant with family that started out in the San Francisco area. She is currently finishing a bachelor’s degree in psychology and already has experience in the behavioral health field with varying demographics.

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It was experiences in her own life that led Lampson to a point where she feels it is both her passion and duty to give back to others, helping them heal as she has been able to heal. Client care is her main focus, including leading a weekly art therapy group and facilitating other groups, connecting with patients and holding space for them as needed. “The fulfilment I get from helping others is unparalleled in my life,” she says.

Currently engaged, Lampson says she wears her heart on her sleeve. Her off hours are spent traveling, being in nature, playing video games, watching television, exploring new places, eating good food, visiting theme parks, and general thrill seeking.



J. Quandt


A native Californian, Chef J. Quandt split his childhood between the ocean towns of Pismo Beach and Ventura. He remembers watching Emeril Lagasse with his daycare provider late at night, and he says that planted the seed for his future career. A graduate of California Culinary Academy’s Le Cordon Bleu Program, he worked at Club Med in Florida before returning to Southern California to use his talents in the treatment field.

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Cooking meals is only a small part of Quandt’s job at Broad Beach. The “farm-to-family style” group includes gardening, something he enjoys alongside the residents. Together they plant, build garden boxes, and maintain the garden. While he does the shopping, residents get involved in daily meal prep, providing an opportunity to interact while he teaches them new kitchen skills.

Sober since 2013, Quandt connects with Ghandi’s charge to “be the change you wish to see in the world.” Married with three young children, his family dog, Oak, is also a common sight at Broad Beach, regularly bonding with the residents. When it comes to hobbies, soccer is a serious passion, and Quandt begins every day by fishing off the Pacific Coast Highway before heading into work.